Masterclasses, Screenings & Events

Filmbase runs frequent masterclasses, screenings and events designed to create opportunities for emerging filmmakers to meet and discuss filmmaking with more experienced practitioners. Some notable recent events include:

Saoirse Ronan Public Interview

Saoirse Ronan at Filmbase

Oscar-nominated actress Saoirse Ronan (Atonement, Hanna) helped Filmbase celebrate 25 years by taking part in a special public interview about film, acting and her career.

An Audience with Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman at Filmbase

Alan Rickman (Die Hard, Harry Potter, Dogma) met with Filmbase members to discuss his career as both an actor and a film director.

Stunt Masterclass with Roger Yuan

Roger Yuan

Fight choreographer and stunt performer Roger Yuan (Batman Begins) undertook a special series of fight scene demonstrations for actors and filming techniques for directors.


The Road To The Oscars

An evening of short film and discussion with three Oscar nominated short film makers to discuss their work. Juanita Wilson (The Door), Steph Green (New Boy) and Nicky Phelan (Granny O Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty) all took part.


Adventures in Independent Cinema with Ted Hope and Christine Vachon

Two of independent cinemas leading lights, Ted Hope (21 Grams, In The Bedroom) and Christine Vachon (Boys Don’t Cry, One Hour Photo) gave a very candid discussion about filmmaking from a producers perspective.



A series of regular monthly screenings and discussions held at Filmbase providing an overview of contemporary short filmmaking in all its facets.


Funding Your First Feature

A Panel discussion outlining ways to finance your first film. Speakers included Mark Byrne (Irish Film Board), John Gleeson (HBC Finance), Brian Gormley (Philip Lee and Co.), Edwina Forkin (Zanzibar Films) and Paul Donnovan (Grand Pictures).